Unless otherwise stated the copyright in all illustrations appearing in any of the Institute’s publications, including ‘Eryngium’ and the IAPI Newsletter remains with the artist. No illustration should be reproduced elsewhere without their express permission.


Members contribute work that promotes the aims of the Institute to appropriate organisations such as the autumn meeting of the Botanical Society of the British Isles.


A small number of books are available via IAPI.

Michael Hickey (1993). Plant names. A guide for botanical artists.
Price £5 plus £1.20 UK postage and packing available from

Michael Hickey (1994). Drawing plants in pen and ink.
Price £5 plus £1.20 UK postage and packing available  from


The IAPI Newsletter is published in those months where there are no meetings (February, April, June, August, October, December). It is distributed to members by email. 

Items for inclusion in the Newsletter should be sent to the Editor by the first week of the month of issue.


TipCards are A5 laminated cards containing information worth keeping to hand with the drawing materials, an aide-memoire for the topic concerned.

There are currently three series, on card of different colours; green (botanical topics), grey (drawing techniques or related matters such as scale bars or using microscopes and yellow (concise information about plant families).

TipCards are available at £1 each, from IAPI meetings or by email from the Editor, Suggestions for new topics and comments or ideas for improvements on the existing cards are always welcome (contact the

Download the current list of IAPI Tip Cards. (IAPI TipCards.pdf)

Journal – Eryngium

The journal of the Institute, aims to publish articles relevant to scientific plant illustration, illustrations clarifying identification features, comparisons of structure and function and topics of a more general botanical or historical nature. 

Eryngium is published annually in January, issues are usually made available to members at the AGM. Items for inclusion in Eryngium should be sent to the Editor attached to an email by the 1st of November each year.

Back issues are available please email the Editor.

Our first project, ‘Reaching for the Sun: Climbing Plants and How They Work’, is available as supplement 1 to Eryngium 2014

Click here for contents of Eryngium Volumes 1 – 8 (2005 -2012)
Click here for contents of Eryngium Volumes 9 – 12 (2013 -2016)
Click here for contents of Eryngium Volume 13 – (2017)
Click here for a list of books written or illustrated by IAPI Members 


Click here The Role and Value of Botanical Illustration Today by Valerie Oxley and Anne Bebbington