Workshops on botany for botanical illustrators

Artists working on plants often find that their art is improved when they know more about the structure and function of plants.  This can include attention to the parts of flowers, to how leaves are attached, to the way that seedlings grow, to the structure of fruits and seeds, to how to name plants, and so on.  The Institute for Analytical Plant Illustration offers one-day workshops to botanical art groups whose members would enjoy increasing their knowledge of plants and thereby enriching their art, and strengthening their artistic performance.

Workshops usually include visual presentations and hands-on experience with fresh specimens.  They can be tailored to the normal timetable of your group.  To ensure individual attention, the maximum number of participants is sixteen.

Some topics enjoyed in previous workshops are listed below.  Long topics require a full day.  Short topics can be covered in half a day so may fit into the morning or afternoon session of your routine meeting.  We are happy to help you plan your day.

Costs (negotiable) are normally £220 for a one-day course, plus the tutor’s travel expenses and costs of specimens and other consumables.

Long topics

  • Flower parts and their functions
  • How pollination works
  • The structure of fruits and seeds
  • Seedlings and early growth
  • How to recognise major plant groups or families
  • Understanding growth of structures underground
  • The many variations in leaf structure
  • Using techniques for exploring plant structure
  • Winter twigs and spring growth

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Short Topics

  • How to use scale bars
  • How to write scientific (Latin) names
  • How to use dissecting microscopes
  • Drawing half flowers
  • Understanding floral formulae and diagrams and how they can help your botanical art

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