The journal of the Institute (ISSN 1756-7688) is called Eryngium, after one of Michael Hickey’s favourite groups of plants, the sea hollies.  In Eryngium, IAPI publishes articles relevant to scientific plant illustration, illustrations clarifying identification features, comparisons of structure and function, and topics of a more general botanical or historical nature.  Eryngium is usually published annually in January.  Items for inclusion in Eryngium should be sent to the Editor.  Back issues are available (contact the Editor).

Project supplement

Our first project, “Reaching for the Sun: Climbing Plants and How They Work”, is available as supplement 1 to Eryngium 2014.

Contents of Eryngium volumes 1­–8 (2005–2012)

Contents of Eryngium volumes 9­–12 (2013–2016)

Contents of Eryngium volumes 13­–16 (2017–2020)

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