In December 2004, Michael Hickey convened a meeting of botanical illustrators and botanists to propose the formation of a new organization to promote analytical illustration of plants.  The outcome was the Institute for Analytical Plant Illustration, a name chosen with care by Michael, with an initial committee to complete the foundation.  Sadly, Michael died the next year but the founding members were able to continue his vision, and IAPI soon reached around 50 members.

Biography of Michael Hickey

Michael retired in 1982 after a career in teaching. He soon found a new niche lecturing at first on wild flowers and later on Botanical Illustration, eventually introducing a Certificated Course at Cheltenham. He founded the Gloucestershire Society of Botanical Illustrators and the Institute for Analytical Plant IllustrationTM.

Article on the genus Eryngium by Michael Hickey

The genus Eryngium, known also as Eryngo plants, are perennial members of the Carrot family, Umbelliferae. This does not, at first, appear obvious, for they are easily confused with members of the Teasel family, Dipsacaceae, or the Daisy family, Compositae.